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The Lightmongers


The Worshipful Company Of The Lightmongers.

The company works hand in hand with the Squadron in order to sponsor us and in turn allow us to be present on their events to maintain this affiliation. 

The coat of arms was prepared by the heraldic painter of the college of arms with the motto-Dominus mia et salus mia-(the lord is my light and my help). It has been kept simple with the main feature being the flame, witch the company came to regard as it's particular emblem.

The dragon on the crest is a reference to the city of London and upon each of its wings is a "Mill cross" in recognition to the considerable part max miller played in the foundation of the guild and the dragon holds a particular kind of early bronze oil lamp given to the company.

The supporters are heraldic "Beasts", a male Griffin and a Panther. The former, from the earliest days of its appearance in heraldic imagery, is always depicted, with rays issuing from various parts of its body and hence look rather like rays of light. The heraldic panther also symbolises light because it is always shown "incensed" i.e the flames issuing from its jaws and out its ears. This relates to the fame depicted from the shield.

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